We look forward to the exciting projects taking place throughout our community.

Please take a moment to review the covenants to be sure your project adheres to them.

Based on article 20 (Page 4 &5) of our current covenants:

"No erection of buildings or exterior additions or alterations to any building situated upon any Lot, no erection of or changes or additions in fences, lot grades, hedges, walls, and other structures shall be commenced, erected, or maintained until a preliminary sketch showing the basic plan and general specifications of same shall have been submitted to and approved by the Developer provided. A copy of the approved plans and drawings shall be furnished by Owner to the Developer and retained by the Developer." *The developer has been replaced by the Architectural Design Committee.

Once you have completed that review, please submit your project below. The Architectural Design Committee will respond within 72 hours (during business days) with any questions or requests for more details. Approvals will be provided within a week (during business days) of the original request.